This is a common error in Python that can be seen because of the following reasons:

Check the module name spelling: Check that you have entered the correct module name. Python is case-sensitive, so double-check for typos.

Module version is not compatible with your python version: Make sure the module works with your version of Python. It’s important to verify that the module you’re attempting to import is compatible with the version of Python you’re using.

Install the missing module: The pip package manager can be used to install the missing module. Run the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

pip install module_name

Check that the module is installed in the correct location: If you installed the module using a custom installation path, make sure the path is included in your Python path. You can check your Python path by running the following code in Python:

import sys

Last but not least, restart the PC & try checking again. Sometimes restarting the python environment resolves the issue.

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