Usually, the ImportError such as No module named comes when the python is unable to find the required modules. In this article, we will see how to resolve the import error which comes during the import of dateutil module.

In most cases, this error occurs when the dateutil library is not installed or when the Python interpreter is unable to locate the library in the search path. Following are some of the possible reasons:

Check dateutil installation:

To resolve the error, just install the library using pip. Pip is the package installer for Python. Just open your terminal and execute the following command.

pip install python-dateutil

The above command will download and install the latest version of dateutil from the Python Package Index (PyPI). Try importing the module after installing the above package.

Update dateutil version:

Check if you have an older version of dateutil installed. The Parse module might be missing in the version you have. Just try after updating the library to the latest version using the following command.

pip install --upgrade python-dateutil

Check module name conflicts:

In some cases, the “ImportError” occur due to conflicts with other modules or packages that have the same name as dateutil. Check if you have a custom module with the same name. In such a case python imports your module instead of the actual dateutil library and you need to rename your file or module to something rather than dateutil.

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