In this article, we will discuss how to refresh a page using React Router Link.

React router allows developers to define routes for different components and provides a simple way to navigate between them. Similarly like the HTML anchor tag, we have <Link/> component in react that is used to create links between different routers.

To refresh a page using React Router Link, you can simply set the to prop of the Link component to the current URL. This will cause the page to refresh when the Link is clicked. Here is an example:

import { Link } from 'react-router-dom';

function RefreshButton() {
  const currentUrl = window.location.pathname +;

  return (
    <Link to={currentUrl}>


In the above example, we create a new component called RefreshButton that renders a button with a Link component inside it. window.location.pathname and properties are used to get the current URL.

We set the current URL to the to prop of the Link component which will cause the Link to navigate to the current URL, effectively leads to refreshing the page.

There are also other ways to refresh the page such as using the window.location.reload() method or setting the key prop of a component to force it to remount. However, using a Link component is most efficient way.

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