In this article, we will see how to insert at the front of a list in python.

Python has several built-in data types, list is one among those types. Using a list, we can store multiple values under a single name. Each value in the list is stored in a unique index.

To access an element from a list we need to use the index. The index range starts from 0 and ends with n – 1. Here, N is the no of elements present in the list.

To insert an element at the front of a list, we can use the insert() function and specify the position where we want to insert an element into a list.

Following is an example of how to insert an element at the front of a list.

# Create a list

fruits = ['apple', 'banana', 'watermelon', 'grapes']

#insert an element at front of a list using the insert
fruits.insert(0, 'orange')


#Again insert at front of a list
fruits.insert(0, 'citrus')


Insertion at the end also works in a similar way. In the insert function, we need to specify the index where we need to insert. In this case, it is the length of the list.

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