ASCII – American Standard Code For Information Interchange.

  • C supports only the characters that were given in the below ASCII table because C follows the ASCII character set. The remaining characters are treated as invalid.
  • In C, 8 bits are used to represent a character. i.e. 0 – 255.
  • But as of now, only 128 symbols were being used, and the remaining are reserved for future use or custom use.
  • The above 8 bits of info represent the decimal value 64 i.e ‘@’ symbol in the ASCII table.


Please learn the below conversions :

  • Decimal –> Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal.
  • Binary –> Dec, Oct, Hex
  • Hex –> Bin, Dec, Oct
  • Oct –> Bin, Dec, Hex

NOTE: No need to write a C program for the above. Just learn the mathematical procedures of these conversions.

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